Winter Wonderland Slots

You can search every gambling website there is for the entirety of the Christmas holidays and chances are that you still won't be able to find a more generous, beautiful and complete Christmas-themed online slot than Winter Wonderland. With a gorgeous winter background that puts you immediately into a mood for celebration, its 5 reels, 20 paylines, special wild and scatters and terrific bonuses, the game is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone who shares a passion about gambling and making snowmen. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and go as high as 10 dollars. The maximum bet available is 200 dollars.

Father Christmas' Main Gifts

The wild of the game is the Snowman, the worldwide symbol for fun during the coldest of all seasons. It is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game. The only symbols that can't be substituted are the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol. The scatter of the game is the Big Snowflake. It delivers payouts through combinations of its own starting from 2 symbols (regardless of their position on the reels) and going to as many as 5. At least three scatters activate the free spins. 15 free spins are provided, whenever the round gets unlocked. Everything that is won during the free spins will be multiplied by three. If three more scatter symbols land on the reels before the first batch of free spins has run its course, 15 more will be awarded.

Winter's Gambling Bonus

One activates the bonus game via the bonus symbol, which is a Skier Boy. It can appear on the first, the third and the fifth reel only. If three bonus symbols appear on an active payline, the bonus game will be started. On the bonus screen, gamblers will see 8 targets and each of those represents the location to where the boy will begin skiing. Once one of the targets has been selected, the skier will move to it and when it reaches it, a snowman will appear, which will grant an award. Then, a second bonus screen will pop up and the same process will happen but with 3 targets only. Finally, a third screen will appear and again, the player will have to select from three locations, to which the boy will be skiing to. At the end of it, the player will be in possession of three awards and can choose whether to keep it or trade it for the so-called Gift Prize, which is kind of a gamble, because that Gift Prize maybe smaller or bigger than the collective sum of the three awards from the three bonus screens. You decide.

The Snowy Paytable

Winter Wonderland has 12 symbols and 11 of them deliver set payouts. The one that doesn't is the bonus symbol but the bonus game it is capable of starting may end up paying more than any symbol winning combination. That being said, the symbols that do deliver specified payouts pay quite good. At the top of the table is the wild Snowman. Five Snowmen deliver the top prize of the game that is 4000 coins. 4 wild symbols pay 500, 3 pay 100 and 2 pay 20. The scatter symbol's payouts are basically multipliers since its awards end up getting multiplied by the total bet. 5 scatters pay 250 times, 4 deliver 25 times, 3 pay 5 times and 2 pay 2 times. So on theory, the second best-paying symbol is the Snow Tractor. Its 4 combinations from 5 to 2 matching symbols deliver 1000, 200, 30 and 5 coins respectively. The red Gift symbol pays 600, 100, 20 and 3 coins for its 4 combinations. The blue Gloves symbol deliver 400, 75, 15 and 2 coins for the same combinations. There is also a Hat symbol, which pays the same amount as the Gloves do. The rest of the symbols in the game all have just three combinations, starting from 3 matching symbols and ending at 5. The Sledge and the Skates symbols pay 200, 50 and 10 coins. The Gingerbread Man symbol, the Cottages symbol and the warmly dressed Girl symbols all pay 100, 25 and 5 coins.

Needless to say, this is a huge game and easily one of the best winter-themed slots. It offers a lot of surprises and plenty of financial opportunities in terms of special symbols, bonus rounds and payouts and will definitely make the period of your snowy celebrations memorable in a great way.